When is the next programme?

Get in touch now, to try our 4 day taster adventure in the Lake District- programmes this Spring. Are you between 18 and 30 years of age? Are you looking to overcome challenges in your life, and take steps in a new more positive direction? 

Come and join us for a mini (4 day) wilderness experience in the mountains of the Lake District this Spring and find out if our challenging and adventurous personal development programmes are right for you. Get in touch now to book a space - amy@chanceforchange.org.uk

Watch these introduction videos to our programmes, and follow us on instagram, Facebook and twitter.

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Cohort 2017 return from the wilds of the Lake District and give their feedback

Cohort 2017 return from the wilds of the Lake District and give their feedback

“Spending 10 days out in nature with no technology, the same people, limited equipment and in places I have never been before. It taught me a lot personally not just camping and nature but a lot about myself, others, communication, self-discipline, my habits (good and bad) etc.”

“ Everything that I have learnt will help me when I get back to London, understanding that I can get things done with motivation, perseverance and planning. Also, getting me to understand that (my) hostel is not my home just a place I’m staying, a shelter where I am building myself up to move on back into real life. “

“I wanted to gain some confidence and able to talk to people easier. On the programme I took more of an active role in speaking not just listening to what others have to say. I am much more confident in my skills now and am not afraid to challenge people.  I did lead some conversations where we were sat around the campfire on Griesdale tarn.”

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A Young Team From Ernst & Young Team Up With C4C

A team of seven young people from Ernst and Young, are going to bring their talent, skills and energy to support us with a very important project: to transform our Lake District Mountain Bunkhouse into a social enterprise, generating enough income to support our youth programmes and make our youth work more sustainable. We are really excited that they picked our project to jump on board with, and we are really looking forward to working with them.

Watch our video to find out more about our bunkhouse and why it works so well for our work with young people.

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What is Beyond Boundaries?

UK Beyond Boundaries programme supports young people who have experienced hardship to develop the skills and confidence they need become independent young adults.

Through journeying, adventure and volunteering, in some of the UK's wildest landscapes young people learn and practice the skills they need to successfully live independently. Life skills such as budgeting, travel and cooking, alongside personal development skills such as team work, building positive relationships and managing stress and set-backs. 

In 2018 we are offering three programmes that can either be done separately or as a package. This includes short introductory wilderness programmes in the Lake District, and a more challenging programme journeying to and volunteering on the Isle of Rum. Please get in touch to find out more amy@chanceforchange.org.uk.

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