We are enormously grateful to the trusts that showed from the beginning and continue to show belief in us – such as the Souter Trust, The Rank Foundation, The Monument Trust and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Without their support, both in terms of grants and guidance, we would not be where we are today.

Our work in Malawi would not be possible if it was not for the large amount of support we receive from the Scottish Government. This funding and partnership has enabled us to design and deliver two highly innovative and influential programmes and reach thousands of young Malawians every year. 

The Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund four year grant award in late 2015, was a significant milestone for us. This funding has enabled us to step up our our Rites of Passage programme and roll it out to a wider young audience in the UK. 

We have also been helped by smaller trusts, who have been able to directly fund young people from their local area to take part in Rites of Passage programme.


Our Partners - All the work we do,  is done together with partners, communities and young people.

In collaboration with partners, Chance for Change works actively toward achieving longterm, sustainable impact by bringing fresh thinking and alternative ideas to our field.

Our partners are crucial to all our work in the UK, Malawi and Nepal. It is by working collaboratively with partners that we believe we are able to maximise our impact.

In the UK our main partnership relationship is with our delivery partners at Centrepoint and Foyer Federation (UK National Homeless Organisations). These partnerships are crucial as they identify and prepare aspirant participants for our programme. This allows us to bring fresh thinking and new ways of working to achieve long-term sustainable impact and share our learning and advantaged thinking approach. We are also supported by non-delivery partners like the Youth Hostel Association who provide our staff and young participants discounted rates and opportunities to volunteer in return for free board.

In Malawi our work in funded by the Scottish Government, and we work in partnership with the Scottish Criminal Justice Board, sharing ideas and acting as a link between the two countries. To deliver our work we work closely with Malawi Prison service, judiciary, police, international and local  NGOs and local communities.

In Nepal we work alongside national and local government, mainly the Youth Ministry, local and international NGOs and local communities.If you would like to partner with us, please get in touch.