PIONEERS OF CHANGE - Protecting Young Girls from Sexual Exploitation

Pioneers of Change (initiated by funding from McConnell International Foundation) is a growing movement to inform and educate girls at risk of sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking, early marriage and slavery in Lilongwe, Malawi. Weekly workshops are held with girls and their families to raise awareness of the risks and how they can protect themselves and their friends. The better informed and equipped young girls are, the better chances they have of working together with their community to stop this abuse. Our facilitators are also working with the wider community, holding events and workshops, to change mindsets to create a safer and more supportive and equal environment for young girls in Lilongwe to grow up in.

We now have nearly 300 graduates, and the movement grows every day as more and more girls bring their friends.

Watch our film and see young girls bringing about change in their own communities to stop sexual abuse and exploitation.

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ALTERNATIVE TO CUSTODY - Youth Criminal Justice Reform in Malawi Offering Life Changing Alternatives

Prison for young boys in Malawi can often become a life sentence. Exposure to desperate living conditions, overcrowding and diseases such as HIV, together with no offer of education, rehabilitation or reintegration results in boys often ending up back in prison or worse.

We have opened a new reformatory centre offering young men and boys rehabilitation and training to start their own businesses. Here they learn bricklaying, bicycle and motorbike repairs, giving them the best chance at a new start in life when they finish their sentence. We also work within prisons offering rehabilitation and reintegration back into communities.

Watch our film and see how chance for change is offering an alternative to prison - delivering business training, life skills and effective reintegration programmes.

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