Global Forgiveness Day

A really important part of our work is helping young people who have been in prison or in conflict with the law reintegrate with their families and communities. To achieve this the involvement of the whole community is crucial to its success. When families, local chiefs, teachers, and other community members are willing and prepared to welcome young ex- offenders back, it has a huge impact on reoffending, as the boys are less likely to engage in further criminal activity once they are supported and accepted back home.

Reintegration was the focus in our Global Forgiveness Day Campaign on the 7th of July 2016; a campaign designed and supported by Kate Nicoli, our TIE placement from UK

.Members of the Chance for Change team and a band of musicians, travelled on the back of a huge truck around Lilongwe with the aim of raising awareness of the message of the power of forgiveness and its impact on reintegration and the future of young peoples lives.