2015 Nepal Earthquake - communities still struggling

Over a year and half after the earthquake of 2015 communities are still struggling to get access to clean water, grow food and rebuild their houses and schools.

The earthquake struck many of the communities we work with in Nepal. And as you would expect the people who suffer most from these disasters are those with least power and influence.

Chance For Change was able to act quickly after the earthquake hit, and through our friends and supporters raised £10,000 of funds. We were able to bring emergency food and shelter to the poorest villages, too remote to be reached by larger NGO and Government initiatives.

As the reconstruction goes on Chance For Change Field Motivators continue to work to help remote villages like Ghyampesal and Massel access NGO and Government water and agriculture programmes- as poor roads and lack of political influence prevent these villages being reached. 

Children are still attending school in makeshift tents or not at all as so many schools were destroyed in the earthquake. We are currently raising funds to rebuild their schools, so children have a safe place to learn and continue their education. If you would like to know more about our earthquake reconstruction and recovery, or would like to offer support please get in touch.