Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Social Mobilisers - NEPAL

In Nepal, Chance for Change works with and supports young people and women to become leaders, entrepreneurs and social mobilisers in their community. One of our principle aims is to support young people from the ‘Dalit’ community (also known as 'untouchables') overcome caste discrimination and access opportunities to improve their own, and their community’s future. 


Chance For Change works to support and add capacity to youth groups, women’s groups and educational initiatives. Through a team of Chance For Change Field Motivators we influence and reach large numbers of young people, raising awareness and encouraging discussion and interactive learning on social issues such as; caste discrimination, child marriage, dowry systems, the importance of education, violence against women, alcohol abuse and gambling.

Young people are encouraged to become active citizens. For example as a result of one event led by a Field Motivator 336 students vowed not to stay as silent bystanders but to take action against the social problems as well as raise awareness in their society.


Chance For Change in Nepal is working to increase young people’s and women’s participation and involvement in their communities. Inviting and training young people to become involved in social development and community activities and meetings.  Youth clubs and women's groups have been formed to help build representation locally for these groups in their community.

Enterprise, training and Employment: 

The Chance For Change team, work to support young people and women through skills and training to develop opportunities for enterprise and employment. Young people and women are also supported to access government initiatives and sources of funding.