Beyond Boundaries UK - Wilderness Journeys as a Catalyst for Personal Development

Young people return from the wild and give their feedback

UK Beyond Boundaries programme supports young people who have experienced hardship to develop the skills and confidence they need become independent young adults.

Through journeying, adventure and volunteering, in some of the UK's wildest landscapes young people learn and practice the skills they need to successfully live independently. Life skills such as budgeting, travel and cooking, alongside personal development skills such as team work, building positive relationships and managing stress and set-backs. 

“I have taken in more lessons and experiences within a month than I did in a year of school. Opening my mind about (making your dreams into goals). Also it feels like I have matured and I see my responsibilities more important than just spending time on entertainment. Started seeing the importance of nutrition and diet and lifestyle.”

“Spending 10 days out in nature with no technology, the same people, limited equipment and in places I have never been before. It taught me a lot personally not just camping and nature but a lot about myself, others, communication, self-discipline, my habits (good and bad) etc.”