George's Story- UNITED KINGDOM

After years of wasting my potential, and being stuck in the same old cycle of drugs and excess negativity I was ready for a change. I realised it was all on me. I had to clean up my act, get my life sorted, start making plans and basically turn my life around.

It sounds ironic but the best thing about Chance For Change is being given a chance. I feel as if I have really grown up, not just become more independent, but become a better person. Chance For Change has built up my confidence, given me stability, given me a positive environment in which I can flourish, and helped me become a stronger and more positive person.

I would never have gone camping before because of my inner daemons and paranoia, but Chance For Change has helped me with my thought processes and mindsets. I have worked harder and done more with Chance For Change than I have done in a long time.

I would say my biggest achievement was figuring my life out, and making plans for my future. I also had the opportunity to immerse myself in beautiful landscapes and meet people who have affected my life in a tremendously positive way. If it was not for Chance For Change I would not be making a fresh start in a new city and continuing my education.