Edson's story- MALAWI

Edson after loosing his parents at a young age lost his way, getting involved with the wrong people, drinking heavily and getting into trouble. In 2015 Edson joined Chance For Change. He said he just came to see what happens here. But he soon became interested in the activities and stayed. He was one of the first young people to join the advocacy group, and attend the youth summit.

Edson went to personal development training for six months, learning to become more effective, to advocate for young people, and become an entrepreneur. He then became a Young Ambassador, where he trained how to educate, support and motivate his peers.

He is now one of the most hardworking people in the community. He helps in the community deliberations like funerals and community meetings organized by the community leaders. He continues to organize large youth events, through his young advocates programme. He is very passionate about mobilizing a team to address the waste issues in their community, which put people at increased risk of malaria and cholera. His next goal is to develop a community waste management plan to dispose of waste more effectively.