Mark's story- MALAWI

Mark came from a very poor family. He dropped out of school because his family could not afford the fees.  He started  living on the streets with other street kids and stealing. He was caught stealing chickens but the court suspended his sentence. A month later he stole a goat and was sentenced at the age of 18 to three years imprisonment with hard labour.

Mark was in his last year of a three year sentence to imprisonment with hard labour, when Chance For Change opened the first community based reformatory centre in Malawi.  As an alternative to imprisonment and hard labour, the new centre was offering young people vocational skills and rehabilitation.  Mark was referred to the centre where he trained in bricklaying and business skills. Alongside this training Mark was given personal development support, helping him to plan his future. 

Mark has now returned home and become full time bricklayer. People in his community hire him to build their houses. He is now able to support his family, and pay for school fees for his siblings who could not afford to go to school.