Pioneers of Change

In 2015 Chance For Change was approached by parents, teachers and the community to help them address the devastating problem of young girls being trafficked and coerced out of schools into underage sex work. In response Chance For Change developed the programme Pioneers of Change, to raise awareness and help girls protect themselves from the dangers and risks of sex trafficking, and other forms of sexual abuse and early marriage.

Weekly workshops and counselling support girls to recognise abuse, advocate for each and stand up for their rights to education and making their own life choices. Our facilitators also work with schools and the girls families and the wider community. It is a growing movement with 220 girls already taking part, and more turning up each day, bringing their friends. 

"I work with these girls everyday. Pioneers of Change is a safe place, they feel so at home. They now speak out and advocate for themselves and for other girls in their community. Now if they think something is happening that shouldn't be, they organise themselves and go their to help other girls."Pioneers of Change - Thelma Tolani

Find out more by watching our 1 minute video, or our longer video on our Malawi Page.

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76 School Girls Climb A Mountain...

76 School Girls Climb A Mountain...

to learn about their rights and raise awareness of child trafficking and sexual exploitation, as part of our new Pioneers For Change project.

We are delivering weekly workshops directly with school girls aged 13-15  to raise awareness and equip girls, their families and the community with the support and knowledge they need to stay safe and work as a community to stop these illegal and harmful practices.

We are currently working with 90 school girls and aim to grow this number to 300 by the end of year.

To raise further awareness the girls have started their own football team, which is proving very popular and drawing large crowds. 

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Young people return from the wild and give their feedback

“Spending 10 days out in nature with no technology, the same people, limited equipment and in places I have never been before. It taught me a lot personally not just camping and nature but a lot about myself, others, communication, self-discipline, my habits (good and bad).”

“I have taken in more lessons and experiences within a month than I did in a year of school. Opening my mind about (making your dreams into goals). Also it feels like I have matured and I see my responsibilities more important than just spending time on entertainment. Started seeing the importance of nutrition and diet and lifestyle.”

Find out more watch our 1 minute video, and find more videos on our UK programme page

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Offering boys in Malawi a second chance at life

Prison for young boys in Malawi can often become a life sentence. Exposure to desperate living conditions, overcrowding and diseases such as HIV, together with no offer of education, rehabilitation or reintegration mean boys often end up back in prison or worse. Chance For Change runs programmes both with prisons, and in our community based residential alternative to prison to help boys learn a skill and a trade, and support them on the difficult return back to their communities.

The centre offers rehabilitation and training to start their own businesses. Here they learn bricklaying, bicycle and motorbike repairs, giving them the best chance at a new start in life when they finish their sentence. We also work within prisons offering rehabilitation and reintegration back into communities.

Find out more about our alternative to custody programme on our Malawi page.

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Mark's story- MALAWI

Mark was in his last year of a three year prison sentence with hard labour, when Chance For Change opened the first ever community based reformatory centre in Malawi.  At the new centre, Mark was offered vocational skills and rehabilitation.  Mark trained in bricklaying and business skills. His rehabilitation was further supported through cognitive behavioural support and help planning his future. He is now earning a living building houses in his community.
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Michael's story- MALAWI

Michael was 14 years old when he was sentenced to four years in prison with hard labour, in an overcrowded prison where you are lucky to get one meal a day. When Chance For Change started the Routes to Change programme, Michael was referred for rehabilitation and was supported to reintegrate back into his community. He is now back at school, volunteering for his local police force, helping keep the community safe.
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